Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cirrus SR20

I went out to Wings to talk to an instructor about the DA20. eh, no. I really don't fit well in a C152 anymore and a smaller cockpit just wouldn't entice my wife to go for that summertime hamburger. I was disappointed.

As I sat discussing my options the two instructors started talking about the rest of their fleet. A price sheet was produced and as I scanned down it was clear that I would be paying more then previously planned. On the other hand, no fees to join or monthly dues to pay. The instructor fees were in line with what I had paid before, and the gas surcharge concept was in effect here just as it was in Georgia. So, it would be roughly $35/Hr more and would include a glass cockpit. For just a bit more I could fly the Cirrus.

I had one of the guys take me out for a tour. There is something exciting about looking at airplanes, especially new ones. Two 2007 SR20s and one Sr22 of the same year sat on the line. It would definitely be a change from the other aircraft I had flown, as well as a challenge to learn the sophisticated systems. I wanted to let this idea 'percolate' a bit. Then he mentions the "deal".

A few more questions and I left to ponder the situation. I talked it over with the CFO and she was pretty positive about it. I spent some time on the web investigating the airplane and downloaded the Avidyne Simulator. OK, this stuff is cool.

Can I do it? Can I climb this mountain again, learn all of the rules and regs, master the new systems and fly a different airplane. Its time to find out.

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