Monday, February 9, 2009

Finding a Home Base

Where to begin? I pulled out my sectional to see what was in my local area.

I want to keep my commute under 1 hour. As much as I love to go flying, more then an hours drive will definitely inhibit how often I get to go. (and that drive out 'just to see what the weather is like' just won't happen.) So I drew a range circle on the map and came up with the airports on the chart above. One by one I made a visit, and one by one I scrubbed them off the list. A few phone calls, web searches followed by trips out to the candidate airports were disappointing. Lack of facilities, or instructors and very little to choose from in selection of rental planes. This was not going to be as easy as the great environment I fell into at KRYY.

Then I read a blog from someone flying out of Wings Field in a DA20. Not a Tiger, but something a bit different from the Cessna 172/Piper Warrior standard issue kind of rental. It won't meet my IFR requirements, but for a sunny day trip for that elusive hamburger it might be fun. The fleet also includes some C172s, an Arher II and even a Cirrus should I get interested. This might just be the place to start again.


  1. Dave,

    I'm glad you found a place with rentals! You will have to join us at one of our monthly get togethers at Wings. I'm adding your blog to my list of favorites, I hope to meet up at one of the North East Flyer events.

    Don't forget the Wings Fly-B-Q in May!!

  2. Dave:

    Welcome to the area. I hope that you find Wings to meet your needs. If you want to go flying sometime in the Diamond or C172SP, let me know, I'm checked out in both now from their fleet.

    The Wings Fly-B-Q is May 16th, and is a good time to meet others in the area, as well as some from the AOPA and Pilots of America Forums that travel in. Great Food, and Fun!

    I'll read up some more on your blog, but just wanted to say Hi and Welcome!

    Rob Schaffer