Thursday, March 5, 2009

A New Beginning

Yesterday I went out to Montgomery County Aviation (MCA) and signed up for the Cirrus SR20 IFR Transition Program. I also purchased a POH and made arrangements to get some renters insurance. The 'flying fund' took a major hit, but I'm really excited about having the opportunity to fly this system. What's next?
"Study the manual and the important numbers for the airplane (Vspeeds, Weights, Engine, etc.) and Monday will consist of introduction to the airframe, and preflight procedures, followed by your initial flight, straight and level, turns, climbs and descents and I will demo the first landing, time permitting you will get an opportunity to go for another lap around the pattern to try your own hand at the landing. Don't worry too much about the panel, or understanding the avionics system yet, the initial two lessons focus on aircraft control."


  1. Wow, the Cirrus,.. .I'll be watching your blog intently for updates. Glad you found the staff and planes at MCA to your liking. I was generally flying the 172SP, but needed to save some $$ for trips and family stuff this year, and that's why I went to the DA-20, which as you saw, is just as small as the C152.

    Comming up April 2nd, there is an FAA/AOPA seminar at the Doubletree Hotel just a few minutes down the road from Wings Field on GPS use in flight. A few of us usually meet up for dinner beforehand up the street. If you are around, might be a good time to meet up with some other pilots too. April 2nd, 7-9pm, We may meet for dinner about 5:00-5:15. send me a message if you are interested.

  2. Hello Rob, I'm definitely in the "excited" stage right now. Tried to fly on Monday but got "winded" out. I did meet with Kevin, traded stories and got to know each other a bit.

    I think meeting you for the GPS seminar would be great! My notice was for the one up in Bethlehem on April 1st, I'll scratch that and meet with you folks instead. Thanks for the invitation.