Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Airplane

from Montgomery County Aviation


MCA is proud to announce the new arrival of the Cirrus Perspective SR 20. For all you G1000 lovers this is your opportunity to check out the next Generation Cockpit and explore all that Cirrus Perspective has to offer. Please call today to make arrangements for your intro flight. We will be having a Cirrus day at the field in the near future so all of our students can come and experience what Cirrus and MCA have to offer. We also have a desktop simulator to help expedite your training at a minimal cost per hour.

Also for the Avidyne lovers we have added another SR20 to the rental fleet as well as the SR 22 which is also available should you have the desire to step up and experience truly the best flying aircraft in the industry. Cirrus is second to none when it comes to cockpit awareness and safety.


  1. I saw these two planes last ngith and this morning at Wings,.. WOW. Tom also flew in the SR-22-X edition,... WOW WOW! Amazing aircraft to say the least. 180knots cruise,... all that info onboard,... Maybe someday far down the road for me,.. unless you take us for a ride when you are done! :-)

  2. Rides will definitely be forthcoming once I feel comfortable enough to do so....soon.